Kikai Mining is a Happiness agency..

and our goal is to create happiness in any way, shape or form for organizations or individuals.

Our goal is to discover hidden potential through our experiences. We love to solve problems large and small. We love to help others get started in their lives, businesses and journeys.

Our Skills



We achieve our goal of creating happiness in the workplace by providing the following services to our clients:

  • Speaking

    Book us for a short event to speak about happiness, passion and life.

  • Happiness Workshop

    We come for 2 days and make your employee’s morale and boost creativity, productivity.

Team Members

  • Arnaud

    Arnaud Collery

    • Program Director and Principal Consultant

    Born and raised in Paris, France, he is a passionate artist, cultural explorer and entrepreneur. Innovating and creating, exploring has been both a lifestyle, the way he has done business or artistic endeavors or the way business came to him. Arnaud needs to create, communicate every day and every few weeks to explore a new […]

  • 2013JB

    JB Woodruff

    • Advisor

    Creative + Analytical. JB is a problem solver, designer, photographer, adventurer. He has worked for multi-national companies including Microsoft, Dow Chemical and Exxon Mobil. He has 8 years of technology and management consulting experience and currently operates his own startup and is a partner in a strategy/branding consulting company. He is active in developing the […]


Stand Up for Passion

We are organizing a monthly event around people following their passion, the first event was on April 4th at WeWork. 7 speakers, 7 minutes each. It’s a monthly event.

Using my background in acting, directing, comedy and CEO media-trainng and pitch-training, I make sure each speaker deliver the best speech he or she can on his or her personal journey.

Semi-open to the general public. We also do it for corporations totally private.

Check out our Youtube Channel @

Our next event is March 3rd, 2015 – – Register to Attend Now: Book It!

The top tech entrepreneurs and VCs will be present.

Register to Attend

Speaking Engagements

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

  • French Consulate – NYC – March 2015
  • Glowork – Saudi Arabia – April 2016
  • Arab foundation – Jordan – April 2015
  • Lohaus – Shanghai – April 2015
  • Monedo production – Tokyo – May 2015
  • Alignment Partner – Orlando – June 2015

Past Speaking Engagements

  • Joynture – NYC – October 2014
  • Quartets – NYC – November 2014
  • Axa Media Center – NYC – December 2014
  • THNK.ORG – Amsterdam – January 2015

Happy Hacking Days

Technology hackathons (organized with Frederique Grigolato and Click and Walk’) designed to innovate comedy and happy products through the gathering software developers, designers and happy people. First one in Lille, France on Sept 13 + 14.

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