Kikai Mining is a Happiness Agency.

Our goal is to create happiness in any way, shape or form for organizations or individuals.  We unearth and discover hidden potential. We solve problems large and small. We help others get started in their lives, businesses and journeys.

Our Services

Guide Team Happiness

We consult on all happiness matters in your organization.  We offer workshops that focus on team building, institutional happiness and one-on-one guidance.  We work with companies, governments and organizations all over the world.

Gather Happiness

We organize and host conferences to convey all things happiness.  You will walk away with key learnings and action plans to bring happiness, creativity and passion back to your organization or company.

Create Happiness

We not only foster happiness, but we create it with our own happiness projects and events.  We practice what we preach.

We have started or help start Stand Up for PassionHappy Hacking Days, French Tuesdays (Tokyo), and Happy Sundays.

Coach Happiness

We helped coaching CEOs on their personal stories through public speaking and purpose-driven speeches to their teams. We help them go deep into their passions.

Our Process


We come to you and engage with you and your team. We get to know your culture, what drives your people and what they are passionate about.


We help your organization unearth your happiness potential through team building, individualized coaching and cultural reforms.


We help you harness happiness with increases in employee creativity and productivity.  Happiness and passion are flowing from your organizational mine.


Our Team

Arnaud Collery

Arnaud Collery

Founder & Chief Happiness Officer

Speaking Engagements

Upcoming Events

  • December 16 – Stand up for passion Tokyo
  • January 2 – Singapore TBD workshop
  • January 5 and 6 – Dubai workshop for Careem
  • February 5-10 – Passion accelerator open to public
  • February 20-22 Attending Wisdom 2.0 in San Francisco
  • March 5 – 2 year anniversary of Stand up for passion NY
  • May 7 – Stand up for passion 3rd edition Tokyo

Past Events

  • Entrepreneurship Award, Abu Dhabi, October 5
  • Stand Up for Passion – October 6th
  • Find Your Passion Workshop – September 29th
  • TEDx Aruba – The Need for a Chief Happiness Officer – September 23rd
  • Stand up for Passion Japan, Oakwood Mid-town, Roppongi, Tokyo , September 17
  • Stand up for Passion, Tokyo – September 13th
  • Stand up for Passion Shanghai, Lohaus, Shanghai September 7
  • Cartier – Happiness Workshop, Miami – September 2nd
  • Stand up for Passion, Special Woman, NYC June 20
  • Stand up for Passion, Tech Edition, NYC, IESE business school, June 2,
  • French America Entrepreneur Award (hosting), Sheraton Hotel,  April 20
  • Stand up NYC @ Americameetworld (stand up comedy) April 2


Stand Up for Passion


Stand Up for Passion is a monthly event around people following their passion.  7 speakers, 7 minutes each.

Using our background in acting, directing, comedy, CEO media-training and pitch-training, we make sure each speaker delivers the best speech he or she can on his or her personal journey.

Each event is open to the general public, but we also host private events for corporations.